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Age 18
Gender female
Allies Berith
Enemies Obelisk

King Slifthe

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Medusis is a legendary Magician who uses Wind Magic to the best of its ability. Her adventures with the Djinn, Berith has made her and him go done in legend as two of the most extroadinary adventurers in history. 


At the start of her adventures, she was a 16 year old girl with long blue hair pulled back into a pony tail. She wore a purple and pink dress. She had big black eyes as well. As she grew during her adventures, at 17 she began wearing her hair diferently, it was pony tail but was more of a bun up top. At 18, she got her self a silver bracelet with a red jewel, along with some silver leg braces, that had wings forming out of them. Soon afterwards, she got a new pink and white dress, along with a metal golden headband with coming out of the top and bottom. 


Raizen ArcEdit

When she arrived in Raizen, some guards from kingdom found her, and took her to the prison, in holding until it was time to take her back to Balbadd and return her to her master as a slave. While in her cell, she could hear Djinn's voice. It was Berith, and they talked about Raizen and its current state in the world. As Berith told her how the reason for this war was because the Royal Advisor, Obelisk wanted to see death and chaos, as Xendou took over. The Djinn's voice then disappeared. Medusis casted a spell that created high-presserued blades of winds that cut off her handcuffs and legs, and used the same blades of winds to destroy the cell's bars. Soon afterwards, Obelisk is sent after Medusis. After she defeats Obelisk, Berith rans off with his spear and she rans off to find the king.